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About APG Safety

APG Safety is a company which specializes in workplace safety.

Our focus over the last twenty five years has been the careful design of products that promote safety among workers.

A safe and efficient worker is essential if industries are to grow and succeed in the marketplace. Workplace injuries only lead to lost time for employees, low morale and decreased productivity.

At APG Safety our design team has created a product line of safety gloves that both meet and exceed industry safety standards. Our impact gloves have a unique design that provides comfort, durability and competitive pricing to its clients.

Impact resistant gloves make handling a tough job safer and easier. At APG Safety, we pay special attention to the needs of our clients. If a design change is necessary to meet a specific industry requirement our APG Safety team is willing and able to meet the task.

APG Safety understands all too well how difficult it is for a worker to complete a job onsite when safety gloves are awkward to wear and fail to protect hands from the cold elements.

At APG Safety, we want our safety gloves to be the right fit.

Apg Work Gloves in Action
Apg Safety Gloves

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